How to sense a bad boss at work place

4 min readJun 13, 2021

Most of you would know differences between a boss and a leader. Here I cover is all the subtle signs which should not go unnoticed from a bad boss. Note: This writing promotes and encourages people to identify a bad boss and leave him quickly before it affects us with an unknown stress.

I believe that being able to become aware and understanding the circumstances very well helps you to drive the problem all by yourself into a solution (Right or wrong doesn’t matter). Nobody SHOULD jump in and solve the problem for you. Its always you for you and you vs you. You are not just your matter of age, you have brain with you, so its there, don’t worry. Let that make it work for you.

Its purely based out of the knowledge space industry where you work for a purpose of solving problem, visionary (be it for a business or any holy thing) and not for a just a person or organization.

A bad boss takes people for granted and thinks people just work for them

Always look out on how you are being treated, specifically when you fail to get things done. Things go wrong, people might miss something. Not everyone has the skill sets of that Bill gates. A manager should know to respect varying skill sets of team mates at work ( because he has hired you, knowing what you are) and always look to feed in the fuel to let things grow.

See here, you should be honest to yourself. Its all about how honestly and sincerely you put the effort into the work and yet you might miss something and things go wrong. If you feel like you did not put proper effort in, then you work on yourself, become the subject matter expert and then own and carry the hard earned skill set with self respect. Never let a fool make you go down.

A bad boss thinks people are given money to work, so they work.

See, money is an unavoidable fundamental thing that everyone wants to make a living. Everyone wants it, a little or more and more. A bad boss exploits this cause and take things granted. If ever, he uses terms like money to make commands over you or belittle your effort, its time to let them know, its more than just money.

A bad boss puts money first, people at somewhere.

They literally trade employee’s well being and benefits for revenue/time. As simple as that. They never prioritize the work which you have asked for out for your benefit. Lets say, you approach the management to ask them for a Covid vaccination drive for all the employees or for a health mediclaim compensation and they answer starting like this.. “mmmm, I dont think its feasible given the time now”. You get this, right ?.

A bad boss doesn’t listen to your opinion or listens but undermine you.

Diversity of opinion is not a sweet spot. I know its difficult to deal with. Here I empathize with leads and managers, a little bit :P
Though, its still not acceptable that our opinion gets swapped out with no lil respect. It deserves a response with a reason.

A bad boss puts you into a recursive infinite loop of discontentment yet gets the work done from you.

Sometimes, they think giving a regular harsh negative feedback on people’s work will make them strive hard to work for better. NOOO, Stop this nonsense. This is even worse than micro management, at least, it is direct follow up on our work. This kind of indirect nonsense works for a short term and that is why we should not let this even for a short term.

A person who has real concern in your growth will not regularly yell at you and telling you to improve improve, I need more from you, you have the potential, come on come on (fake claps).

Yes, feedback cycles are so paramount at work place. You never know whats coming from whom. It helps to build different perspectives on your own work. But same time, diversity comes with problems of managing it. Yes, if you get poor feedback, definitely give it yourself to work on yourself.

A bad boss promises a wealthy work place but only promises, reality is famine is waiting out there to eat us whole.

I really don’t know whether these guys are aware of what’s happening around them. Are they sensing that people are mad at them, because of their modus operandi.

They never disclose anything that happened worse overall to the team itself. Rather they project numbers and trends to showcase how well the team is doing to retain employees.

Always be aware that these trends are highly relative to the scale they pick. If you try to do the same with your work and ask for a promotion, they come up with a large scale and belittle you. Its all quite manipulation work. Its a skill, they are very well at it.

~~ Sniff these behaviors in, give it sometime, see it coming and then do wiser ~~

A final personal note to all: Work on yourself, become the subject matter expert, experience things (good or bad doesn’t matter, you were there, that matters). These things will feed your instinct to work your way and drive you better.